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What is Backup?
A Backup Backup is a copy of your data from a device or application to another environment so that this information can be restored later.
How to make a backup?
The Backup process can be done in two ways: NAS or Cloud

NAS(Network Attached Storage)
The NAS is configured on the local network, functioning as a storage server accessible by multiple devices. You can choose the folders and files to include in backups and schedule automatic backups at intervals between 7 and 30 days to keep your data up to date. Some NAS support RAID for added security, allowing data recovery in the event of a disk failure.

The data is sent to the cloud via a secure connection, either manually or automatically and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, facilitating recovery if necessary. Security measures like encryption and redundancy are included to protect your data and cloud services with flexible payment plans.

Cybersecurity for Companies


Sophos and Kaspersky are our Cybersecurity partners and, in addition to being references in the world, they offer high-performance and innovative solutions to protect our systems and data.


Why is it important to have Antivirus on your computer system?

Antivirus is a software that protects computer equipment from cyber attacks that can corrupt files and access data, such as passwords and documents, leading to significant business losses. The antivirus can identify, eliminate or even leave the file on hold for analysis.


Why is it important to have a Firewall system?

A Firewall is software that acts as a security barrier that monitors and controls the flow of data between networks. This software acts like a filter, deciding what can go in and out based on predefined security rules. Therefore, the system will be protected from unauthorized access networks, cyber attacks and external threats.

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