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Since its founding in 1988, Olifel has gone through several evolutionary phases, which were initially guided by the commercialization of hardware and the representation, in terms of software, of the most prestigious Software Houses. It quickly became imperative and the main focus to change the paradigm with regard to software, since companies' requests were for more personalized solutions, mainly in the area of ​​footwear, which geographically is particularly familiar to us, but also in the area of ​​recycling and trade in general. The first Visualgest2000 application was then developed, and later the second and current Visualgest.Net application. This 35-year long journey has been a testament to the commitment to quality, reliability and exceptional customer service.
Currently, Olifel contributes to the growth of SMEs with 4.0 technology, making industrial management more effective and efficient. Our mission is to provide greater profitability for companies using the full potential of information technologies. The well-being of employees and transparency towards partners are Olifel's main values.
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