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Since June 18, 2022, it is mandatory for companies with or more than 50 employees to have denouncement channels where suspicious behavior by employees will be reported (cases such as misuse of financial resources, theft, violation of any duty of confidentiality , fraud, embezzlement or bribery).

The Whistleblower Statute is provided for in Law No. 93/2021, of 12/20, which came into force on 06/18/2022, and provides for the protection of whistleblowers of infractions.


The law establishes a punitive framework for non-compliance with the measures provided for in this Law, with serious and very serious offenses, punishable by fines that can reach 250 thousand euros in the case of legal entities and 25 thousand euros in the case of natural persons.

How is it implemented?
1st Consult the website itself
2nd Click on the reporting channel, where it will be redirected to the Web platform
3rd Create the identified report or anonymous
4th Consult the platform through the platform status of the complaint
How it works?
The platform is implemented on the company's website, and through the URL you have access to the external channel, where you can make the complaint.
In 24 hours you have the solution work on your website
Portal administrators will have access data (email and password to access the platform).
The platform allows you to be interconnected with any system, facilitating consultation anytime.
If the report is anonymous, how does it work?
1st Create the anonymous report
2nd Generation of non-transferable Code
3rd You can consult the portal response to the request using the encrypted code
My company does not have a website, how do we implement the reporting channel?
If you don't have a website, we create a URL for the company just to implement the platform. If you are interested in our web design services, we will be happy to create a website for you.
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