General Conditions

1. The supply of equipment and components by Olifel, lda. is governed by these general conditions of sale, unless expressly agreed otherwise in a written contract with the buyer (hereinafter referred to as the customer). Any other conditions that have not been expressly agreed by Olifel, lda. will not be valid.
2. The customer became aware of these general conditions from the moment they are informed of the address of the Internet site where they can be consulted, whether or not such information is accompanied by a copy of these general conditions. Alternatively, if the customer has already received these general conditions in advance, within the scope of their commercial relations with Olifel, lda,, they will be considered known to the customer, for all purposes, when placing an order.


1. Orders should preferably be placed online via the website, after subscribing to the service. They may also be sent by telephone or in writing to the Commercial Department to your Manager
2. Delivery of ordered products and/or services will be made according to their availability in stock or the possibility of scheduling.


1. Sales prices to the customer are those established in the price list in force at any given time, for products supplied by Olifel, lda.
2. Considering that market prices, in this sector of activity (computer and electronic equipment), undergo constant variations, the applicable prices will always be those in force on the date of the invoice, regardless of the date of the corresponding order.
3. Credit notes will not be issued if there are price reductions after the products have been invoiced.


1. The following payment methods are acceptable: bank transfer, ATM, check and cash.
2. The client's conditions are analyzed on a case-by-case basis. Olifel reserves the right to review them at any time without prior communication. Products/services will only be delivered under the agreed conditions.
3. In the case of intangible products, considering the lack of physical shipping and the possibility of charging for it, payments due will have to be made in advance through acceptable means or by another means that is readily accepted in writing by Olifel.
4. If there are delays in payments to be made by the customer, Olifel will have the right to demand default interest, at the annual rate legally established for commercial transactions, from the due date until full payment. To this interest are added administrative expenses resulting from the extension of payments, according to the price list in force at the time and available for consultation at
5. In the absence of designation by the customer, Olifel may attribute the payments made by the customer to the compensation of the customer's pre-existing debts, in accordance with the supplementary rules established in article 784 of the Civil Code.
6. Payment made by the customer that is not enough to cover what is owed will be charged, successively to the collection costs and late payment interest and, finally, to the outstanding capital.
7. In case of non-compliance with agreed payments, the customer will also have to pay Olifel the expenses and charges arising from the judicial collection of the debt, including the fees owed to the Lawyer.

Shipping Products

1. Sending products through a logistics operator (carrier) is subject to shipping costs, relating to administrative and transport costs. Its value must be consulted before shipping.
2. Costs for transporting products to the islands are the responsibility of the customer.
3. The deadline and delivery date for orders for equipment produced by Olifel will be defined by agreement between the commercial department and the customer.
4. Although Olifel will make every effort to meet the indicated delivery deadlines, these may change for reasons of force majeure beyond its control.
5. Upon receipt of the products, it is the customer's responsibility to always carry out a quantitative and qualitative inspection of the volumes, upon delivery, by the transport entity, and it is essential to check and record any anomalies.
5.1. At any reception, careful observation must be made at the time of delivery of the packages before signing any document from the carrier.
5.2. The number of packages received (loose or on a pallet) must correspond to the number specified on the conveyor note. If there is any difference, it must be mentioned in the guide and communicated immediately to our services.
5.3. Any damage resulting from the transport service (crumpled, dented or torn boxes, poorly packaged products, wet materials, etc.) must be recorded on the transport guide before it is signed and immediately communicated to our services.
5.4. Any other anomaly found must be specifically recorded on the transporter's bill, and complaints with the entry “Subject to verification” or “Under reservation” will not be accepted.
5.5. Failure to comply with the previously described reception procedures gives Olifel the right to refuse the complaint presented.
5.6. Return due to transport damage: whenever the delivered product is damaged (damage resulting from transport), the customer must record the fact verified on the carrier's delivery note and present the respective complaint to our services within a maximum period of 48 (forty-eight) eight) hours from the time of receipt of the corresponding product.

After sales service

Olifel is not responsible for the information (personal data, general information, applications, programs and others) contained in the equipment delivered for repair. The Customer is responsible for safeguarding the information before delivery of the equipment and must, if it so wishes, delete personal data and other information contained therein.


1. All equipment produced by Olifel enjoys a guarantee of conformity for the period stipulated in the applicable legislation, which it guarantees to the end consumer according to the declaration accompanying the product documents.
2. All equipment and other components supplied by Olifel that were not produced by it enjoy the guarantee of conformity granted by the respective manufacturers.
3. Special Outlet conditions excluded.

Product returns and complaints

1. Returns of products in perfect commercial condition may be accepted, and the request must be made within a maximum period of 8 (eight) days from receipt of the product, by filling out the specific form available for this purpose on the Olifel website, which is assigned a registration number.
1.2. The request to return the product is subject to prior and free approval from Olifel. Once the return request is granted, the product will only be accepted and received at Olifel's warehouses on condition that it is in perfect commercial condition, in its original packaging, which must not show signs of manipulation and/or any inscriptions or damages.
1.3. Once the product has been received and proven to be in perfect condition, Olifel will issue the respective Credit Note.
1.4. Any commercial return is subject to a charge to compensate for administrative expenses, handling and repackaging of the goods, you must request the value in force at the time.
1.5. The costs for collecting the material to be returned will be the responsibility of the customer, and if this is carried out by Olifel or a carrier appointed by it, the customer will be charged the amount according to the price in force at the time.
1.6. In these cases (collection of material) it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the merchandise is sent accompanied by the respective legal transport documents of the Goods in Circulation Regime. In cases of non-compliance, Olifel excludes any responsibility, reserving the right to transfer any penalties or fines applied to the carrier to the customer.
2. Return due to transport damage: whenever the delivered product is damaged (damage resulting from transport), the customer must record the fact verified on the carrier's delivery note and submit the respective complaint to our services within a maximum period of 48 ( forty-eight) hours from the time of receipt of the corresponding product.
2.1. Once the respective complaint is accepted by Olifel, the costs for returning and resending the products will be the responsibility of Olifel.
3. Return under warranty: The customer who, during the conformity guarantee period, receives damaged or defective equipment produced by Olifel from the end consumer, must fill out the respective RMA form and send it to our services, accompanied by copy of the corresponding purchase invoice.
3.1. Subsequent warranty procedures will be carried out in accordance with applicable law and under the terms of the warranty conditions published on the Olifel website.
3.2. The execution of the guarantee of conformity of equipment and components produced by other manufacturers must respect the publicly disclosed procedures of these same manufacturers. We therefore advise you to consult the respective official websites or contact them directly.
3.3. The costs for product returns made under the warranty will be borne by the customer and the respective re-delivery of these products will be borne by Olifel.
4. Miscellaneous complaints: any other complaints regarding products delivered by Olifel must be communicated to you, in writing, within a maximum period of 8 (eight) days from the corresponding deliveries.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction Agreement

1. These general sales conditions and any additional clauses included in specific supply contracts are governed by Portuguese law.
2. For all litigious issues arising from any supply made, the parties choose the jurisdiction of the district of Felgueiras, expressly renouncing any other.


1. These general sales conditions are available for consultation on the website at www.olifelpt.
2. Olifel reserves the right to accept the client within the conditions mentioned above or, instead, indicate the required conditions.
3. VAT is added to all prices indicated by Olifel at the legal rate in force, as well as any other fees or taxes existing at the time.
4. Olifel's policy is to issue credit notes without VAT as stipulated in ARTº 78 No. 2 of CIVA.

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