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Visualgest.Net Software

Commercial Management

Register orders, process orders, track the order, make the shipping label printing and communicate with carries.
  • Launch of purchasing documents and CC control
  • Platform digital documents for management and control of sent requisitions
  • Advances to suppliers
    Management of pending requisitions by quantity and date
  • Automatic conversion of measurement units
  • Quality management
  • Export of SEPA files for payment
  • Interconnection with Primavera and Olisoft software
Customer advances  and Analyze sales with charts by item / family / customer
  • Invoicing for samples, orders and purchases.
  • Order-based billing
    and/or packing lists
  • Create invoices and/or Transport Guide via RFID reading
With Visualgest you can manage current accounts and analyze cashflows and balances
Create and send quotes to a buyer.
Invoice processing software

Performance Analysis

With the KPI dashboard you can analyze commercial performance

Analyze data and metrics such as revenue in a given period, number of orders in real time, production growth, and also the number of defects and much more.

 invoice processing software

 invoice processing software

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