Visualgest.Net Software

Waste Management

Visualgest.Net is the waste management software that facilitates waste reception by connecting directly to the weighbridge. This speeds up the process, but also ensures accurate measurement of waste, eliminating possible errors.
Manage enrollments in a more practical way using a touch screen and keyboard.
This system uses optical reading technology to process and interpret information from the E-gar ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.
Control the waste stock. Track each unit, from reception to final disposal and stay up to date with the status of the waste stock in real time.
Visualgest.Net Software offers complete control over suppliers’ accounts payable. Simplify financial management, learn more about commercial management here.
With just a few clicks, issue E-Gars quickly and effectively while remaining compliant with environmental regulations.
Connect directly to Siliamb. Visualgest.Net software performs automatic updates to ensure full compliance.

Waste Management Software

Waste Management Software

Performance Analysis

Management and decision-making support solution

Analyze metrics such as waste price evolution, quotes given to the supplier, and much more.

Análise de KPIs
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